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Inclusive Workplace Communication

b|ver is an AI-powered speech coach that provides you with personalised feedback by analysing your digital meetings.

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A live coach on every meeting

  • Be aware of your speaking behaviours like pace, volume
  • Avoid negative behaviours like interruption, verboseness
  • Real-time notifications that help you improve the way you speak

Inclusion starts here

Unconscious bias in speech isn’t always obvious or intuitive, but the impact it has on your colleagues is clear. b|ver uses data science to reveal hidden gender bias and suggests alternatives so you can communicate inclusively.

Track your performance

and work on the suggested areas of improvement

  • Understand and learn how to sound more confident
  • Learn how to get your point across in a concise way
  • Be aware of certain behaviours like filler words that you normally use and learn how to avoid them
Get b|ver for Zoom